Name: Lee Ann Jourdan
Title: Executive Director

Organization: Girls Inc. of Monroe County

Organization's mission statement: Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.


Email: ljourdan at
Phone: (812) 336-7313

How many years have you worked in the field- serving youth?: 9

What is the minimum degree required for this job?: bachelor's degree

What is your educational background? (schools, degrees, certificates, etc.): BA Sociology, IU Bloomington '02
Minors in Business and Gender Studies
Certificate in Fund Raising Management, IU Fund Raising School

What are the three main roles/responsibilities that make up your current work?: Provides professional leadership and assistance to the President and the Board of Trustees in making Girls Incorporated an effective, viable agency.

Administers the policies of the Board toward the accomplishment of organizational goals and is responsible for the entire operation of Girls Incorporated.

Considers the board’s strategic plan in assessing organizational needs, and supervision of staff to attain those goals.

What is the salary range and benfits for a position like yours?: $40,000-$60,000*
*Varies based on budget size and other variables.

What's something you're really passionate about?: Equality and social justice.

What is your best piece of advice for those considering a career in youth work?: Keep a sense of humor!  Do all that you can to be the best that you can, to make your agency the best it can be, and remember that tomorrow is another day!  It's not the easiest work, but the rewards are numerous!

What is your favorite story about your experiences working with youth?: I really love the story of one of our members who began coming to Girls Inc. at the age of 8.  She will tell you herself that she had a difficult time fitting in anywhere else, and that her attitude was affected by it.  However, at Girls Inc. she was able to find her voice and become a leader.  She graduated from high school and earned a collegiate scholarship from our national affiliate for higher education!  Now she shares her story with other girls that need to find their own voice.

Would you be willing to answer questions from those exploring a career in youth work?: yes

Would you be willing to offer job shadowing?: yes

Would you be willing to have an intern?: yes

Would you be willing to discuss youth work with prospective youth workers?: yes

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please provide appropriate contact information if it is different from above.:

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