Name: Jeff Baldwin (no picture submitted)
Title: Executive Director

Organization: Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington

Organization's mission statement:
To enable ALL children, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as caring, productive, and responsible citizens.

Email: jbaldwin at
Phone: (812) 332-5311

How many years have you worked in the field- serving youth?: 19

What is the minimum degree required for this job?: bachelor's degree

What is your educational background?
(schools, degrees, certificates, etc.): Undergrad at Western Michigan University.  Graduated with a BA in Elementary Education.
Successfully owned/operated a lawn and landscape company for 15 years.

What are the three main roles/responsibilities that make up your current work?: Resource Development
Program Management
Board Management

What is the salary range and benfits for a position like yours?: Up to $70,000.00 Pension, Health/Life insurance. 4 weeks PTO

What's something you're really passionate about?: Most certainly I am passionate about serving youth.  For me it is the fulfillment of my life's purpose.  There is no better, more effective way, to make an impact on one's community.

What is your best piece of advice for those considering a career in youth work?: Many people get started because they, "like kids" and like to be around kids-to play with them.  Kids don't need friends or playmates-their peers are their firends/playmates.  Kids need mentors and those who give direction, set expectations, and lead by example.  My advice.....make sure you are getting into this field for the right reasons.

What is your favorite story about your experiences working with youth?: There really isn't just one story.  Anytime I hear about a past student who has realized their dreams, defied the odds, or is just plain content with their life....I am very pleased.

Would you be willing to answer questions from those exploring a career in youth work?: yes
Would you be willing to offer job shadowing?
: no
Would you be willing to have an intern?: yes
Would you be willing to discuss youth work with prospective youth workers?: yes

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please provide appropriate contact information if it is different from above.:

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