Name: Anne Moman
Title: Minister of Youth

Organization: North United Methodist Church
Organization's mission statement: North United Methodist youth seek to learn, serve and celebrate God's awesome love with EVERYONE!

Email: amoman at
Phone: (317) 924-2612

How many years have you worked in the field- serving youth?: 8

What is the minimum degree required for this job?: bachelor's degree

What is your educational background? (schools, degrees, certificates, etc.): Bachelor's of Science (Psychology), Ball State
Master's of Divinity, Christian Theological Seminary (in progress)

What are the three main roles/responsibilities that make up your current work?: 1. Engage with youth, parents and volunteers through a variety of ministries, programs and activities.
2. Create, organize and facilitate all youth-related ministries.
3. Administrative work.

What is the salary range and benfits for a position like yours?: $25k-$35k
Health insurance, pension

What's something you're really passionate about?: Helping youth discover their passions and discover their own leadership abilities.

What is your best piece of advice for those considering a career in youth work?: The youth have much to teach us - as a youth worker be prepared to listen more than you speak.

What is your favorite story about your experiences working with youth?: We have a young woman with cerebral palsy in the youth group. On one retreat we did some team building activities including climbing walls. I figured she wouldn't be able to do it, so I kept her below with me. At this point several of the youth called her name and told her she could get up the wall. So some of the young men gathered around her and hoisted her up. Like I said, youth have much to teach us. We need to be open to learning from them.

Would you be willing to answer questions from those exploring a career in youth work?: yes
Would you be willing to offer job shadowing?: yes
Would you be willing to have an intern?: yes
Would you be willing to discuss youth work with prospective youth workers?: yes

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please provide appropriate contact information if it is different from above.:

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